ISnSC introduces Real Pay technology for touch-less secure offline payment

rupixen com Q59HmzK38eQ unsplashISnSC, a specialist in cyber defence and cyber intelligence, has introduced Real Pay - a new touch-less secure offline payment solution

The payment solution will enable merchants to accept, validate and exchange payments with zero contact or Internet access. The Real Pay payment solution is set to offer maximum protection for users and immune to current known fraud schemes.

Based on patented technology, “Real Seal”, the payment solution will allow users to pay with no physical contact without compromising their credit card information. Payments can also be made offline in remote areas with no network coverage.

Sherif Hazzaa, managing director of ISnSC, said, “With everyone heading for less physical points as much as they can, Real Pay will allow that in addition to few other features payment industry needs.

“Our technologies have been tested in secure government transactions, and it will not require any additional modification to current payment cycle or need special POS machines. Any mobile camera would do. Moreover, merchants do not have to wait for network connections."

The aim is to revolutionise the payment industry, Hazzaa stressed.

The company stated that the world is moving to a complete digital environment with a focus on less, or zero if possible, physical touchpoints. The challenge remains with certain required physical touchpoints that cannot be resolved using conventional IPay solutions. There is also the current risk of credit card information leakage and skimming.

The solution combines Real Seal’s patented technology with an innovative key exchange for each specific transaction that cannot be tampered or forged.

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