Data security and privacy remain the biggest concerns about retail apps

18495846450 1ce51ae831 zResearch conducted states that concerns about security breaches have been revealed as the biggest fear among consumers when it comes to deciding whether to download a retail app

74 per cent of shoppers said they were most concerned about the security of their information.

As well as being worried about the security of their data, consumers also wanted to know how their information would be used once they had provided it to retailers through an app.

More than a third (34 per cent) of consumers said they didn’t like the idea of retailers storing their information because they didn’t know what it would be used for.

The latest retail report, by mobile technology solutions provider Apadmi, has highlighted that security and privacy are the main hurdles to consumers bringing retail apps completely into the mainstream, and retailers have work to do to reassure customers about their data.

And privacy is not just an issue for particular generations, with younger and older shoppers alike revealing concerns about this issue.

The research revealed that 28 per cent of 18-44 year olds don’t like the idea of stores retaining information about them, such as shopping habits and previous purchases.

36 per cent of 45-54 year olds, 41 per cent of 55-64 year olds and 44 per cent of over 65s share the same concern.

Nick Black, CEO of Apadmi, said, “Consumers are more willing to shop via a retail app than ever before, but retailers need to do more to reassure them that their personal information will be safe and won’t be used for anything other than notifying them of deals and offers, or improving their shopping experience.

“It remains clear that until retailers can convince consumers that their information and data will be secure, mobile shopping apps will fail to reach their full potential.”

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