Neotel offers new Internet packages for business houses

sxcinternetSouth African telecommunications network operator Neotel will launch two internet plans that the company has claimed will provide more Internet flexibility to business houses

The plans, NeoInternet 95th percentile billing and NeoBroadband Booster, will be aimed at giving corporate firms the ability to optimise costs and increase connection speed.

The NeoInternet 95th percentile billing will allow customers to pay for the line speed of only 95 per cent of their total usage while the NeoBroadband Booster will enable customers to increase Internet bandwidth on demand within minutes.

Using the package, companies will operate with high usage periods when they need them, but only pay for the bandwidth used that excludes the five per cent highest usage period.

Neotel’s chief of business solutions and excellence Abid Qadiri said, “In most cases, customers have peaks and troughs in their Internet usage. The Neotel plan will not charge the customers for the 36 hours of highest usage of their billing period.

“Customers will have the flexibility of a high Internet usage without unnecessarily incurring the increased cost,” he added.

The NeoBroadband Booster plan will offer business houses the ability to manage their broadband speeds online through the Neotel web portal. The customers will be able to upgrade the speed of their connection for a period of time in response to the business needs.

Qadiri said that NeoBroadband Booster would allow businesses to respond to increased demand for access, whether it is to do with the payroll processing at the end of the month or accommodating increased traffic on websites due to product or service launch.

“Neotel’s focus is to enable a new world of communication and services, offering secure and reliable connectivity,” added Qadiri.

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