Latest business and consumer apps at AfricaCom demonstrated

New virtual communications services and unified conferencing solutions designed to meet needs of African market

Movius Interactive Corporation, a global leader in value added communication services, comes to next month’s AfricaCom event with its widest ever range of Africa-focused communication solutions to meet the needs of telecom carriers’ business and consumer customers.


Movius, whose technology is the foundation for many of the value added services offered in Africa, has established itself as a leader in virtual communication services which can help carriers expand their market. These solutions, which include Virtual Subscriber Service and Side-Line Service, cover the extremes of service levels, from bringing people into the communications world for the first time to helping people manage more than one line on a single device. Both solutions can help increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and expand the overall addressable market for carriers.


“We are regular participants at AfricaCom and this year we are showing a portfolio that is not only new and highly innovative but is absolutely right for Africa and its differing communications needs,” said Andy Minnaar, Movius’ Managing Director for Africa.


“Our experiences in Africa over many years mean that we know the problems and challenges for both the users and the service providers. At AfricaCom, people who come to Movius will see how we have met those issues head on.”


One of those issues is the need for individuals to have multiple phone numbers but not wanting to carry multiple phones. People such as entrepreneurs with several small businesses, often have to carry two or more mobiles with them and that has all the inherent problems of security and re-charging for example, as well as the sheer cost of ownership involved. Movius has now developed Side-Line Service, which enables multiple numbers on a single phone.


With this virtual second line service, incoming calls and text messages that are for the second number are uniquely identified so the subscriber knows that they were actually for this additional number. While calls to the second number can be directed to an existing mobile phone the subscriber can also change their settings so that these calls are forwarded instead to a separate personal voice-messaging system. SMS notifications of new messages received are sent to the primary mobile phone so the subscriber is aware they have a message waiting even if they are only watching one of their numbers. These SMS messages include details on who called, when they called and the length of the message. The subscriber can click on the link in the message to listen to the message. After listening to a message, subscribers can decide whether to call the person back.

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