Tanzania to monitor all mobile transactions

mobile-tanThe Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System would help to monitor and end illegal telecom traffic. (Image source: CCAFS/Flickr)Tanzania has installed a Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) to help the government have reliable statistics on mobile money transactions made by telecom service providers

John Nkoma, director general of the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), said, "Before the installation of this system, it was very difficult to know the exact traffic and unscrupulous people were using illegal and unlicensed international networks in order to route calls to Tanzania that led to the government and legal service providers losing revenue."

January Makamba, deputy minister for communication of Tanzania, added that mobile telecommunications firms were annually transacting a lot of money amounting to millions of dollars.

Makamba noted, “We did not have any system to monitor the mobile money transactions in the country. So we were not able to efficiently regulate or tax these transactions until the TCRA set up the modern facility that helps monitor these transactions and charge them accordingly.

“The TTMS has enabled easy tracking and booking of fraudulent operators who were not only depriving the government of its revenue but also muddled with smooth regulatory role of the communication sector.”

The new system will not only facilitate the government to collect its taxes but will also enable mobile operators to increase their revenues, the minister said.


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