Trenchless solutions for high-capacity pipeline construction

TRACTO TECHNIK Visual Pipelines EN 1Efficient cross-border pipeline networks are essential to reliably meet the growing global demand for energy

The pipelines for the transport from the producer to the distributor are often several thousand km long. The necessary routes often cannot be realised as planned because environmental regulations or structural obstacles prevent this. Innovative trenchless technologies, also known as NODIG technologies, offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions for expansion and maintenance of these networks regardless of these restrictions

The environmental and economic benefits of the different NODIG methods compared to open construction are obvious: Valuable surfaces and resources are conserved because costly excavation and restoration work is no longer necessary, traffic flow is hardly hindered, emissions are minimal, construction times are considerably shorter and indirect costs are significantly reduced.

In particular pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) are favourable methods for highly complex and challenging pipeline construction and projects even in most remote and geologically difficult areas of the world. In addition, ramming technology is perfectly suitable when the going gets tough during complex HDD pipeline installation projects (HDD Assist & Rescue).

Steel pipe ramming technology

For more than three decades, pneumatically driven GRUNDORAM pipe ramming machines are being used for the dynamic installation of pipelines beneath roads, railway embankments and rivers.

These machines enable the economic installation of open steel pipes as casing or product pipes up to 4,000 mm diameter in soil classes 1–5 (partly even class 6) along linear routes without the need for jacking abutments. The machine technology is extremely robust, load-resistant and reliable. It is suitable for installing horizontal and helically welded pipes, seamless pipes and pipes with insulation protection.

Horizontal directional drilling technology

The ever advancing HDD technology contributes a technical and economic edge as well as providing unique productivity advantages. With directional drilling rigs such as GRUNDODRILL, first, a pilot bore along a flexible bore path using a steerable drilling head.

When the drill rods are pulled back, the borehole is upsized by an expanding head and the attached pipe is pulled into the bore path. That way, longitudinal bores, crossings underneath of waters and other traffic ways can be carried out even in rocky ground. Since large pipe diameters can be installed using HDD, this method is particularly suitable for expanding pipeline networks

The NODIG benefits:

-Professional installation of pipelines along roads and under traffic and waterways as well as under surfaces of any kind within complex urban infrastructures and rural areas

-Pipeline construction with high economic efficiency and maximum productivity

-Environmentally friendly techniques with short approval times, high planning and technical safety

-Precise proof and documentation of position, function and tightness of the new pipelines

-HDD-Assist and rescue techniques for bores in casing pipes, for loosening stuck pipes and extracting drill rods as well as for salvaging stuck product or protection pipes of any diameter.

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