Mission critical portable TETRA ATEX device to be first to reach IP65 ATEX certification safety level

Motorola's ATEX MTP850Ex portable TETRA terminal has achieved IP65 (Ingress Protection Code) certification for the high level of protection it provides when operating in environments containing dust or pressurised water, such as water jets and heavy seas.

The MTP850Ex TETRA TerminalThis internationally recognised standard, awarded by TUV Singapore, is an industry first for a TETRA ATEX radio that also offers high protection against explosive gas and dust.
In addition to the ATEX rating for explosive gas and dust the IP rating certifies against dust and water ingress. The IP code refers to the specific degree of resistance provided with a higher number indicating a greater tolerance to dust and water. The first digit (6) relates to the level of dust the unit can tolerate without it having a harmful effect on its operation. The second digit (5) indicates that water, including high power water jets, will not compromise the handheld’s functionality. The higher standard has clear advantages for the emergency services industry where seamless communication and safety are paramount, particularly in high-risk and hazardous environments containing potentially explosive gases and dust.
“Motorola is focused on developing technology that is indispensible to emergency services workers,” explains Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Products and Solutions, Motorola. "Motorola terminals are designed with the end user mind. The MTP850Ex terminal has set a precedent for public officer safety, which Motorola continues to put at the forefront of mission critical design."
The robust terminal endured a series of rigorous tests to ensure superior quality and reliability under the most extreme conditions. The ATEX TETRA terminals are designed to be intuitive and easy to use in hazardous environments and include a host of state of the art features, including an integrated GPS receiver that can locate personnel, improving user safety and resource management, as well as an internal “Man Down” alert.
The MTP850Ex terminal is engineered specifically for tough conditions and combines an uncompromising mix of safety features, smart ergonomics and robust design. The key safety features incorporated into the MTP850Ex include:
· A 'Man Down' feature that sends an alert to the console operator if the radio does not move in a given period of time or tilts past a defined angle.
· An emergency button that not only alerts colleagues to critical situations but also sends an update of the officer’s location, ensuring help is sent when and where it is needed.
· A rugged dust and water-proof connector, which allows users a wide range of accessories including ATEX certified earpieces and headsets.
· A simplified keyboard with a large button surface that is easy-to-use with protective gloves.
· An integrated GPS receiver that can locate personnel, improving user safety and resource management.


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