MBC to broadcast localised content to North Africa

satdishMBC will reportedly use targeted satellite 'spot beams' to enable it to offer its tailored regional services. (Image source: Andrzej Pobiedziński).Dubai-based TV network, MBC, has announced plans to begin localised broadcasts for North Africa and Iraq

MBC will split its transmissions to include MBC Iraq, MBC Egypt and MBC North Africa towards the end of this year, according to the general manager of the company’s Al-Arabiya News Channel, Abdulrahman Al Rashed. MBC will reportedly use targeted satellite 'spot beams' to enable it to offer these tailored services.

"MBC is right now talking about having split transmissions to different locations around the region after the new landscape,” Al Rashed was quoted as saying by Arabian Business. "MBC will have MBC North Africa, MBC Iraq and MBC Egypt as well. They are right now still in the planning stage, but the chairman has committed to a big investment. It should happen some time this year, if not next year."

MBC, which was formally known as the Middle East Broadcasting Centre Group, is likely to add further regional frequencies in the future, according to Al Rashed. MBC currently has 10 television channels, two radio stations and three news websites.

Rashed said the company would not be launching any additional TV channels or radio stations in the near future, due to license limitations and the variety of existing options.

"We already have ten channels, I don’t think you can go beyond that,” he said. “For radio we are not planning much really, we already have our two radio stations and its working very well. We are also still restricted by licenses and licenses are given by government."

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