Omniflex: Using existing cabling to create a new industrial LAN

OMN089 Phone cabling Gary Bradshaw, director at network specialist at Omniflex, explains how the company’s Conet technology enables companies to repurpose existing cabling in order to create a new industrial local area network (LAN)

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Mobile phones to ease small-scale farmers’ agricultural woes

AdobeStock 293977314The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will offer personalised agricultural advice to 1.7 mn farmers in Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan to improve their income, food security and resilience to economic shocks

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Women’s peacebuilder group in Libya use accessible mobile tech for COVID-19 work

malek sreti pixabayLibyan Women’s Network for Peacebuilding has leveraged easily available mobile and online technology to play an important role in protecting communities from COVID-19

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TBCSA’s Opus4business app to train businesses for COVID-19 prevention

Rhino grazing at Kruger National ParkThe Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) has launched the Opus4business app for training business owners about the implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols

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WorldRemit partners with Mukuru to expand cash pick up network in Zimbabwe

46601740861 6e64fe8a12 cWorldRemit, an online money transfer service, has announced a partnership with Mukuru, one of the largest remittance providers in Africa, to broaden cash pick-up options in Zimbabwe

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