Ekiti crashes RoW charges by 96 per cent to improve broadband penetration

broadband africa 26 MayEkiti State in Southwest Nigeria has crashes right of way (RoW) charges by 96 per cent to push broadband penetration and attract investments

Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti State in the Southwest part of Nigeria, has slashed the RoW charges for telecommunications infrastructure by 97 per cent from US$11.53 to $0.37.  

RoW charges are controversial in Nigeria. To the governors, it was a platform to increase their internally generated revenue, but for the telecommunication companies, it was an additional cost they could ill afford.

Akin Oyebode, special adviser investment, trade  and innovations of Ekiti State, said that reducing the charges would ensure that the state achieves full broadband penetrations by 2021 and would help to “attract new businesses, create jobs and improve access to quality healthcare and digital education.”

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