Huawei launches next-generation mass storage system

2Huawei has announced the launch of the next-generation mass storage system OceanStor Pacific Series

The series delivers reliable services for AI, HPC, video, and other mass data scenarios by breaking architectural, service, and performance boundaries, and leveraging uncompromised multi-protocol interworking, next-generation elastic EC algorithm, and a series of dedicated hardware.

Digital production has become the currency of modern business models through the fourth industrial revolution. Digital production transforms data into opportunities, then into services and eventually into profits.

With this new production factor, enterprises need to find a way to collect and store various types of data cost-effectively, such as structured core services data and mass unstructured 5G, IoT, and UHD data. Companies use AI technologies to analyse and process massive amounts of data to convert data into knowledge and services, enhancing the efficiency of production.

Peter Zhou, president of Huawei Data Storage and Intelligent Vision Product Line, said, “Our OceanStor Pacific Series is designed to answer these pain points, setting a new benchmark for efficient, economical, everlasting mass data storage, and helping us become the trusted choice for mass data.”

Huawei Mass Storage Domain president Shang Haifeng elaborated on Huawei's three strategic directions for the mass data scenarios:

Leading technologies: Huawei builds a series of dedicated hardware and leverages software innovations such as multi-protocol interworking, efficient reduction algorithms, and multi-level reliability to meet scenario-specific needs.

Business innovations: Huawei leverages data redundancy protection and reduction technologies to promote the business model for available capacity. This model enables users to know exactly what they are getting from the start, helping lower procurement costs, TCO, and the usage threshold of mass storage.

Industry expertise: Driven by industry-specific requirements, Huawei constantly innovates its products, accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises, and unleashes data power.

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