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Logicom, a provider of next-generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, has announced the availability of voicemail transcription software integration efforts with Mutare

AdobeStock 361979755Logicom can display on its user’s portal and archive them. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Logicom and Mutare have built the software integration services to benefit their carrier customers. The two companies have jointly developed an API to electronically exchange information between their applications to facilitate information and transcription data exchange. The new services are immediately available for deployment and customer use.

Logicom’s Cisco BroadWorks Management Portal records and manages customer voicemail recordings for tens of thousands of end-user customers. With the new Voicemail Transcription Integration Service, voicemails recorded on Logicom’s portal can now also see highly accurate and written transcriptions utilising a simple workflow with Mutare’s Voicemail Transcription Service.

This creates a single place to provision all user services inside the Logicom portal without the need to access multiple and additional provisioning portals. Mutare has added the necessary code to the application to enable Logicom to use Mutare’s Voicemail Transcriptions. As a result, Logicom can display on its user’s portal and archive them. 

“Logicom’s Management Portal for Cisco BroadWorks providers has been popular with a large number of telecommunications carriers. We are constantly working on improving the functionality of our portal for our customers,” said Irena Reznik, chief operating officer of Logicom. “Adding a voicemail transcription capability from Mutare adds a major new feature and saves money for our customers.”

“Mutare provides the back-end speech-to-text solution to dozens of Cisco BroadWorks-based Service Providers,” said Aaron Klein, carrier account director of Mutare. “This new integration allows our customers to easily provision end-users, saving valuable time and resources.”