ExtraHop introduces Reveal(x) 360 for unified threat visibility

cloud computing 2001090 640ExtraHop, a cloud-native network detection and response provider, has announced the general availability of Reveal(x) 360

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Futurism announces new unified endpoint managed security service

computer 1209641 640Digital transformation solutions provider Futurism Technologies has added a unified endpoint managed security service called EndPoint Secure to its portfolio

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Standard Bank launches digitised Escrow solution in South Africa

douglas bagg MHJ23j9Fbbo unsplashStandard Bank has launched a digitised Escrow solution in South Africa designed to protect individuals from risks associated with the purchase or sale of goods or services from unknown individuals

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Suprema enhances cybersecurity with new BioStar 2 platform

biostarSuprema, a security and biometrics solutions provider, has released a new version of BioStar 2 platform, enhancing the cybersecurity features

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SentinelOne technology protects AASA from cyber attacks

markus spiske FXFz sW0uwo unsplashThe Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa (AASA) has rolled out SentinelOne’s AI-powered technology to replace legacy endpoint antivirus and successfully identify and defeat cyber attacks with zero dwell time

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