Phishing professionals targeting dating apps in Africa, says Kaspersky

Vladimir Kuskov In 2019, Africa saw a circulation of 1,486 threats under the guise of more than 20 popular dating applications, with 7,734 attacks on 2,548 users detected, according to Kaspersky

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Users attacked by malware disguised as Billie Eilish in Nigeria

27285570935 cb4b92b184 cCybercriminals are actively abusing the names of artists and songs nominated for a Grammy 2020 award, in order to spread malware

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WannaCry remains top crypto ransomware attack of 2019

40263713531 b44c92071b cAccording to research, 23.56 per cent of all encryption ransomware attacks in 2019 had encountered the WannaCry virus, making it the most common type of hack in the last year

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Guinea implements IMF’s Enhanced General Data Dissemination System

48758762788 7abca42231 cGuinea has launched a National Summary Data Page (NSDP), implementing the recommendations of the IMF’s enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS)

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Endpoint security processes and visibility remain challenges: Report

Hubbard John survey co author and SANS instructorCentralised logging and automation solutions are now a necessity to detect, defend against and respond to modern attacks, according to the SANS 2019 Endpoint Protection and Response Survey released by SANS Institute

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